Chora Museum Naos Mosaics

Chora Museum (Chora Church) Interactive Book

Dwelling Place of the Uncontainable / Η Χώρα του Ἀχωρήτου

Chora Church (Kariye Museum) Naos includes the mosaics of Death of the Virgin, Virgin Virgin Hodegetria, and Jesus Christ.

The Death of the Virgin (Greek: Η Κοίμηση της Θεοτόκου) mosaic is above the main entrance, on the western wall of the Naos, and it depicts the death of the Virgin lying stretched out on a funeral bier, surrounded by apostles. Jesus Christ in a double mandorla (an almond-shaped light surrounding the entire figure of a holy person), standing behind the deathbed of the Virgin, holding the swaddled infant in His hand symbolizing the soul of the Virgin Mary being born into eternal life.

The south side of the templon panel of the bema depicts the Virgin Hodegetria (Greek: Oδηγήτρια, one who shows the way) holding the Child Christ. Virgin Mary is standing on a terrace, her head is slightly tilted to Child Christ on her arms, and she is looking thoughtful.

The mosaic of Jesus Christ is at the north side of the templon panel of the bema standing in full profile holding the Book of Gospels, open to Matthew 11:28.